Call Tracking Lines

Quick Reach Media offers the most cost-effective call tracking line services in the industry. Our  unique ‘flat rate’ service eliminates the over-billing and surprises with per-minute services and allows you to comfortably budget your call tracking expenses for all of your individual marketing and advertising campaigns. Our robust reporting module includes many features that are not available from other call tracking line providers.


Most business owners engage in a variety of advertising, as well as promoting their business online. Multiple advertising channels can be difficult to track and measure, especially when the Call To Action is an inbound telephone call (as with many service businesses). Call tracking lines provide the ability to track, measure and record all of these individual call responses for just pennies per call!


Call tracking is a powerful tool for employee monitoring and training. When customers call your business from your advertising, the handling of that inbound call is critical to customer satisfaction and order flow. Our system gives you the ability to know WHAT your employees are saying, HOW they are saying it, and gives invaluable insight into customer response and attitude when interacting with your staff.


Call tracking lines are an essential tool for any type of print or direct mail marketing. Different lines can be assigned to different campaigns or geographic areas for example. Call tracking provides an very reliable measure of the success of these types of advertising channels and have been a staple ingredient in all major direct mail ad providers for many years.

Quick Reach Media has been providing call tracking line services and telephone skills evaluations and training for its clients successfully for many years. Not just a tech service, we are actively involved with our clients to improve their ROI on print and online advertising, and also to improve the quality of their customers’ experience when interacting with their staff.